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The Simulation Learning, Evaluation, Assessment, and Research Network (SimLEARN) is the VHA's program for simulation in health care training. Serving the largest integrated health care system in the world, SimLEARN provides an ever-growing body of curricula and best practices that improve health care for our nation's Veterans. The use of innovative technologies in a safe learning environment enhances diagnostic, procedural and communication skills to support quality care and the best possible outcomes.

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Tampa VA Hospital Creates, Buys Manikin that Simulates Monkeypox Symptoms

Discover how the manikin prepared staff for a public health emergency.

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Director’s Corner: Setting the Stage for a Successful Year in Simulation

2023 is filled with the promise of a successful year in simulation.

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2021 SimLEARN Annual Report

Learn more about SimLEARN’s compelling innovations, programs, and milestones this past year.


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Resuscitation Education and Innovation

REdI oversees VAs standardized Resuscitation and Mock Code training programs.

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Learning Management

LM oversees the development and updating of national curricula/training, foresight, and enabling of trainers to facilitate courses locally at their perspective facilities.

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Assessment, Collaboration and Outreach

ACO focuses on client-centered education that is adaptable to field needs using simulation-based training and best practices that effectively improves the utilization of resources and minimizes cost in Hospital Activations, Research, and Rural Health.

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Clinical Training and Engagement

CTE ensures all training Medical Information/ Material is accurate and up to date in accordance with VA policies and procedures as well as National, State, and Local laws.

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Emerging Healthcare Technology Integration

EHTI unifies emerging technologies with simulation and learning to accelerate the effective use of emerging health technologies during care delivery.

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Simulation Exchange Newsletter

Simulation Exchange newsletter is a product of the VHA SimLEARN National Simulation Center.