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National Diffusion Practices

Discovering, Testing, and Scaling Promising Practices

Our Mission

Diffusion of Excellence nationally implements select Promising Practices which demonstrate high impact, replicability, stakeholder support, and cost-effectiveness. Our team further supports efforts by assigning a Diffusion Specialist to each practice and provides resourcing for a 1-3 year national implementation effort.


National Diffusion Practices


Veterans Impacted


Practices Replicated

Compassionate Contact Corps

Connecting Lonely Veterans with Trained Volunteers

Compassionate Contact Corps is a social prescription program that offers friendly phone and video visits between trained volunteers and Veterans. The volunteer calls their matched Veteran once per week to provide compassionate conversation and companionship. This program has been proven to reduce loneliness and improve overall well-being in Veterans.

Compassionate Contact Corps
Surgical Pause

The Surgical Pause

Reducing Post-surgery Mortality in Frail Veterans

The Surgical Pause utilizes the simple yet sophisticated Risk Analysis Index (RAI) to screen Veterans for frailty in 30 seconds, effectively flagging high-risk Veterans so that the surgical team can ensure that the proposed treatment plans both mitigate known risks and align with the Veterans' overarching life goals.

Physical Therapy Embedded Within PACT

Increasing Access, Decreasing Wait Time

Embedding physical therapists in primary care facilitates same-day examination and treatment for musculoskeletal conditions allowing for earlier intervention and frequently avoiding unnecessary medications, imaging, and specialty referrals—all while keeping primary care appointment times available for Veterans requiring medical care.

Physical Therapy Embedded within PACT
Remote Temperature Monitoring

Remote Temperature Monitoring

Reducing Hospital Admissions and Amputation Prevention

One in four Veterans has diabetes. Last year, VA treated 75,000 diabetic foot ulcers (DFU), which accounted for 80% of non-traumatic amputations, resulting in a cost of $3.2 billion. Remote temperature monitoring involves the use of the Podimetrics SmartMat™ which uses thermal imaging to measure the daily temperature of a Veteran's foot. These mats can detect DFUs up to five weeks before they would normally present.

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