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Suzanne Shirley, LCSW

Director, Community Engagement & Fellowship

“Transformative innovation is about breaking the boundaries that confine us, the institutional and operational silos that constrain our ability to collaborate. Transformative innovation is about looking outside ourselves, building communities, and learning together how to approach problems in new ways.”

Brynn Cole

Director, Design & Storytelling

Brynn Cole works within the VHA Innovation Ecosystem as a designer, facilitator, and storyteller: she’s on a mission to make VA healthcare more human, relevant, and relatable through practicing and facilitating the art of human-centered design. Brynn began her VA career in 2006 at the White River Junction VA in her home state of Vermont, before transferring to San Francisco in 2010. Since moving back to Vermont and joining the VHA Innovation Ecosystem in 2018, Brynn has facilitated human centered design projects and programming with Veterans and VA employees from across the country.