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VA employees wishing to order a product from the Marketplace, copy and paste the details under the "Order" tab and send to your usual service-line purchasing agent. If you are ordering above the purchase card threshold, please contact for information regarding contracting with the vendor.

First time purchasing from this vendor? Let us help! To obtain a copy of a completed VA Form 10091 (VA Form 10091, FSC VENDOR FILE REQUEST FORM), please contact Follow your local vendorization process to request the assignment of a local vendor number.
VA employees! These products were either designed and developed by VA frontline employees via the VHA Innovators Network (iNET) Spark-Seed-Spread Innovation Investment and Accelerator Program (Spark-Seed-Spread | VHA Innovation Ecosystem); or co-designed by frontline employees and external collaborators via iNET's Greenhouse Initiative (VHA - Greenhouse Initiative (
VAIPM also now features products supported by VA Technology Transfer Program (TTP) and Office of Advanced Manufacturing (OAM).

The mission of TTP is to facilitate the commercialization of VA inventions to benefit Veterans and the American public. A significant difference between VA's TTP and other federal technology transfer programs is a vast majority of VA's research investigators are dually appointed with an academic affiliate, and there is regular collaboration between VA and academic affiliates on individual research projects. As a result, most VA inventions are jointly owned by VA and an academic affiliate, making technology transfer a collaborative effort between the two entities. VA local research programs collaborate with hundreds of US academic institutions and receive and manage research funding from the NIH and DOD.

The Office of Advanced Manufacturing (OAM) is a national program office that is instrumental in implementing advanced manufacturing technologies, such as 3D printing, in healthcare at VHA. Implementation of these technologies enables quicker innovation and improved access to patient-specific healthcare solutions for all Veterans under VA's care. OAM aims to ensure patient safety, equitable access to healthcare solutions, and high-quality training of VA staff and Veterans in advanced manufacturing technologies. OAM has accomplished key milestones, including producing personalized medical devices in-house and collaborating to accelerate the development of new products.

iNET is a bustling community of employees united by a desire to solve healthcare problems and engage in shared learning. Forty-four VA medical centers are a part of iNET and each site has their own innovation specialists who facilitate local programming, lead local and national events, and connect employees with the resources they need to design, develop, and test their own solutions.
For more information on the VAIPM or any of the products listed on it, please feel free to contact

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