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Open Innovation Catalyst

Wisdom of the Crowd

VIC-OIC portfolio aims to innovate with external ideas and competition oriented, dynamic, financing mechanisms. By convening subject matter experts and multi-disciplinary teams, VIC-OIC will use the collective and creative problem-solving capabilities of the crowd with the common goal of solving curated VA and Veteran problems. Portfolio service offerings are designed to prioritize big, bold ideas with the potential to deliver permanent solutions to persistent, systemic, VA and Veteran issues. Solutions developed and matured through the various VIC-OIC services will have the opportunity to be tested and scaled across the VA enterprise and industry. Services in the VIC-OIC portfolio seek to establish enterprise-wide prize and challenge acquisition capabilities, manage broad agency announcements, leverage social impact financing, and facilitate crowdsourcing of solutions by hosting industry demo days and hackathons.

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Page last updated on March 27, 2019