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Measurement and Evaluation

The Secretary would be required to conduct an evaluation of each model tested, to include, at a minimum, an analysis of the quality of and access to care furnished and the changes in spending by reason of that model. The Secretary would be required to make each evaluation available to the public in a timely fashion.

  • Measurement and evaluation will utilize the most rigorous approaches and prioritize identification of causal inferences in the service delivery and payment innovation models tested.
  • Whenever feasible, large-scale, low-cost prospective randomized controlled trials (RCTs) will be the favored approach.
  • Efforts will be made to leverage and develop highly reliable data sources and metrics best positioned to be utilized by VA and community care providers.
  • Additional efforts will be made to enable adopted metrics and data standards to be embraced by service delivery systems across the globe.

Page last updated on March 27, 2019