National Center for
Collaborative Healthcare Innovation

Collaborating Across Industries to Improve Veteran Healthcare

Our Mission

Augmented Reality and 5G

Project Convergence is partnering with Verizon, Medivis and Microsoft to deliver Veterans VA’s first advanced, 5G-enabled, clinical care system at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System.

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Fall Prevention Projects

In 2015 the cost of fatal and non-fatal falls in the US was approximately $50 billion— and since falls disproportionally impact older adults and has cost upwards of $50 billion, making it a vital issue for VA to address

Smart White Cane for the Blind

Safe and independent navigation is one of the biggest challenges for those who are blind or visually impaired. The traditional ‘white cane’ for the blind has not significantly changed since its inception – until now.

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COVID Operational Readiness

During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, front-line clinical teams in many parts of the world were overwhelmed, overworked, and understaffed.

AI with DeepMind

In collaboration with Google DeepMind and Google Health, VA is studying the clinical applications of machine-learning

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XPRIZE Alliance to Combat COVID-19

In partnership with the XPRIZE Foundation, we are uniting leading VA innovators with partners from around the world to develop new ways of combatting COVID-19.

Dr. Thomas Osborne

Director for NCCHI

“This is a critically important time in medical history. The work we do at VA has the potential for broad positive impact that will not only dramatically benefit our Veterans, but also the world. As a result, we have both the opportunity and responsibility to be leaders in health care innovation.”