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We MakeWhat We Cannot Buy

Advancing personalized, safe, and equitable care.

What is OAM?

Welcome to VHA Office of Advanced Manufacturing (OAM), where we lead the way in harnessing cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing for health care applications. OAM provides an unprecedented and individualized approach in providing high quality, safe and effective innovative care to Veterans.

At OAM, we empower frontline clinicians to tackle clinical challenges through innovative product-based solutions while bolstering supply chain resiliency with in-house manufacturing capabilities. We're dedicated to building both digital and physical infrastructure to bring medical device innovation and manufacturing back to VA, ensuring that Veterans receive first-class products and service innovation.

Notable accomplishments to date include the establishment of an FDA-compliant Quality Management System, in-house production of patient-matched medical devices, and strategic collaborations with government agencies, academia, and industry partners to expedite the journey from promising product to clinical market.

Explore Our Journey
A man holding a 3d printed model of cervical vertebrae

Innovations in Health Care Excellence

Establishment of FDA-Compliant Quality Management System

This significant milestone was achieved by implementing a robust FDA-compliant Quality Management System, ensuring the highest standards in healthcare product development.

In-House Production of Patient-Matched Medical Devices

We've pioneered in-house production capabilities for patient-matched medical devices, enhancing efficiency and customization to meet individual healthcare needs.

Strategic Collaborations Across Sectors

Through strategic partnerships with government agencies, academia, and industry leaders, we've accelerated translating promising healthcare products, fostering innovation and expediting their journey to the clinical market.


The vision of OAM is to provide personalized, safe, and equitable care for eligible Veterans by building and expanding advanced manufacturing capabilities across the VA enterprise.

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Enhancing Care Through 3D Printing

News & Events

FY2024 Q3

Revolutionizing Surgical Planning: A Dive into 3D Printing in Medicine

The Office of Advanced Manufacturing (OAM) is at the forefront of innovation at VHA thanks to its game-changing 3D-printing capabilities.

FY2024 Q3

Position Spotlight: Additive Manufacturing Dental Technician

Archie Jugarap, a Navy Veteran turned health systems specialist at VHA's Office of Advanced Manufacturing, plays a key role in revolutionizing dental care for Veterans by pioneering the integration of digital dentistry and 3D printing technology.

FY2024 Q3

Transforming Smiles: The Impact of Innovative Denture Solutions for Veterans

The Office of Advanced Manufacturing (OAM) at VA Puget Sound Healthcare System dramatically improved the life of a 76-year-old Vietnam-era Veteran with facial trauma by using advanced 3D printing and digital dentistry to create custom dentures.

FY2024 Q3

3D-printed Naloxone Trainer Unveiled: A Milestone in Opioid Overdose Response

an innovative and user-friendly tool that provides hands-on training with a 3D-printed nose and simulated naloxone nasal spray.

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OAM Products

At the VHA Office of Advanced Manufacturing, we redefine healthcare through revolutionary products crafted with precision and innovation.

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