VA Center for Innovation



VA’s Center for Innovation (VACI) identifies, tests, and evaluates innovative solutions to help VA better serve Veterans. We develop programs that nurture innovation and create an environment where informed risk taking and progressive thinking are rewarded.

Our mission is rooted in a belief that a large organization benefits from maintaining a disciplined process for tapping the talent and expertise of those on its front lines and outside its walls. We look to a variety of groups and sectors across the country for innovative ideas, including start-ups, industry leaders, academic and research facilities, and VA employees.

VACI targets solutions that can be developed, piloted, and evaluated for broader deployment within a span of 12-24 months. In taking calculated risks with a short turnaround, we minimize overall risk to the taxpayer.

Our ultimate goal is to make life better for our Veterans, their families, and their survivors. The innovations in our portfolio hold promise to help Veterans access the benefits they have earned, improve the quality of services at VA, increase the satisfaction of Veterans in their engagement with VA, and control costs.


Access supports seamless, convenient, and effective interaction between VA and our Veterans, providing solutions to get the right care and services at the right time and in the right place.


Programs focused on quality improvements span the entire VA mission, from health care to benefits delivery to Veteran employment. VACI enables innovators to investigate creative technologies, processes, and practices that offer an opportunity to improve health outcomes and enhance the services Veterans receive.


21st-century transformation calls on VA to continually find the tools to serve more Veterans in more ways, with better results. VACI programs target innovations that can seamlessly integrate into VA and generate dramatically improved outcomes. By identifying industry-leading solutions, VACI gives VA the ability to improve services by increasing reliability, speed, and accuracy.


Continually finding cost-effective ways to deliver services allows VA to maintain a high level of service on a long-term basis. VACI plays an important role by incorporating new technologies and processes into the design of cost-effective solutions.