VA Center for Innovation


Innovation Portfolio

Since our initial launch, VACI has funded more than 135 innovations covering all aspects of VA’s mission and demonstrating real-world solutions to real-world challenges.

Not all funded innovations will be rolled out nationwide. We follow a lifecycle of
Design › Implement › Evaluate
that allows us to test the idea in a working environment to ensure it meets requirements and delivers the necessary solution or benefit.

The evaluation stage has three possible outcomes: Go, No Go, Further Development.

Go: These are the projects that passed all the stages of the lifecyle and are proven successes. The next step is to scale them up.

No Go: While these projects didn’t prove what we hoped they would, they are not failures. Every project teaches us something new that we can use going forward.

Further Development: Some projects prove to be promising in the pilot stage, but may require more work. We restrategize with subject matter experts to chart an alternative path to a “Go” status.

To learn more about specific VACI investments, click on the map.